I’m Morgan Arena, a recent graduate of Kent State University Fashion School with a BA in fashion design and a minor in sustainability. I have always been drawn to fashion since I can remember. I had a realization I’d be happy working in the fashion industry  in my first year of high school. One of my teachers saw my passion and taught me a lot about machine and hand sewing, pattern making, and sketching. Once I got to Kent I learned so much more and I realized what I want to specialize in. I was drawn to streetwear, sustainability, print design and fabric manipulation. My goal with designing clothing is to help make the person wearing them feel confident, unique, and excited to put my clothing on in the morning. I want them to anticipate putting an outfit together in the morning and being able to show who they are through their clothes. 

I got the chance to study abroad in Florence, Italy and travel through Europe where I was inspired by many different cultures. I also studied a semester in New York City where I was entrenched in the fashion industry. While in New York I had an amazing internship at GREI, a small contemporary brand. I was involved in many aspects of the business including styling, which I found I had a passion for. Caring about the environment is a top priority to me, especially when it comes to fashion. It’s great that the fashion industry is paying more attention to their impact on the environment but I believe we can always work towards doing more.

I am a three season Division 1 track and field/cross country runner at Kent State. Running and a strenuous major has taught me how to manage my time, how to work with a team, and a strong work ethic. It has shown me that hard work and putting extensive time and effort into something pays off. The lessons I have learned from running are values I will bring with me in everything I do.