Innocence vs. Reality

Innocence vs. Reality

My collection was inspired by the innocence of childhood and as time goes on the stresses and realities we experience. There is a sense of calmness and playfulness with children. They have more time to just play. As we get older we have less time and time to play. I wanted to show roughness in my details to represent the stressors in life while using silhouettes inspired by children’s wear that are softer.

Final Two Piece

The final garment was made out of muslin that I tea dyed with black tea. The top is done with multiple reverse fish eye darts. They go across the top in a random pattern. There is a strap with a buckle that wraps around the top multiple times to represent the feeling of anxiety. The skirt is a three layered skirt; two layers are pleated and the other is a circle skirt. I left the edges raw and the material crinkled to give it a distressed feel like you can feel in life.


I researched a lot of fabric manipulation like smocking, pleating, embroidery, laser cutting, and stitching details. These are all things that I felt fit into the theme of childhood. The fabric manipulation also fit in with the more rugged feel I was looking to get across.