The Bees Knees

My collection is motivated by the playful confidence of the 1950’s era.

The 1950’s fashion designs were more conservative; however, they had a positive vide as well. My collection brings a sense of elegance and class to casual, everyday outfits. These pieces will make the woman wearing them feel confident, unique, and excited to put this outfit on in the morning. These garments are interchangeable, comfortable, and wearable for wherever she may be going. My collection has a theme of luxury and optimism with its flowy and playful garments and accessories, luxurious fabrics, and thoughtful details.

Print Design

Inspired by 1950’s prints. Check prints and the geometric shapes were in a lot of the prints from that time period that I did research on.


1950’s Architecture, Prints, Silhouettes, Accessories, and Advertisement research. This era had a very distinct style that I tried to capture but update for today’s market.I noticed there were a lot of full skirts, tea length dresses, coats to match every outfit, and jumpers.